Saturday, 13 September 2014


Before I went to Italy, I was praying this Warehouse dress would arrive in time so I could take it with me. Sadly it didn't arrive until I was gone however I think it looks much better dressed autumny than it would have dress summery.

The quality of this dress is amazing and the fit it beautiful, Warehouse have some amazing dresses in at the minute. I don't have a Warehouse store near me, only a little concession in Debenhams, which is a shame as I love there stock. 

My boots are a new buy from Boohoo, I've been a little unwell recently and these were a "Get Well Soon, Charl" present to myself. I'd considered ordering a pair from Ebay but I was too impatient to wait the 3-4 weeks it would have taken to arrive from China. 

Waistcoat- Boohoo
Bag- Turkey
Hat- H&M



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  1. Looking beautiful in every pic..


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